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dragon dragon, rock the dragon

Who| Locus and you!
What| You couldn't really have a 'Game of Throne' event without a dragon. So. Have a dragon.
Where| Hallways, various biomes, eventually the training facilities.
When| Game of Throne event
Warnings/Notes| n/a

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agent carolina | casey church ([personal profile] brisance) wrote in [community profile] legionooc2017-10-23 09:05 pm


Hello all!

Just a little formal notice that I'm going to be bowing out of the game due to time restraints, and I know I don't have some of you added on plurk so I wanted to give that heads up.
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Dexter Grif ([personal profile] whyarewehere) wrote in [community profile] thelegion2017-10-23 10:54 pm

We Have a Problem [BLARGH FHTAGN] [player plot] [closed to part 2 signups]

Um. Guys?

[ It's very late into what passes for night on Legion World when some audio comes in from Grif, flagged as urgent. Late night Grif posts flagged as urgent aren't a new phenomenon, but the complete lack of apparent screwing around? That is. He's whispering, and sounds actually scared. ]

So remember how Rich Rider's been acting weird lately?

[ He doesn't go into the details, or even pause to address that a lot of the rest of the team might not have noticed. He just keeps going. ]

Some shit is kind of happening with that.

[ And then, without ceremony, he dumps some video from his helmet camera. He hasn't had time to edit it much, but he's cut out any creeping around and waiting to focus on the giant, horrible stargate abomination that's taking shape under the hands tentacles of the giant, horrible friend abomination. He knows there's not a whole lot of time here. ]

And here's some coordinates.

[ Bing. ]

I would really, really appreciate some backup. Or at least if someone smart could tell me what the fuck this is before I get found and die.
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Judge Rico Dredd ([personal profile] truefaceofthelaw) wrote in [community profile] legionworld2017-10-23 10:28 pm
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Who| Rico, and anyone!
What| Two different magical shenanigans
Where| All over Legion World
When| During Game of Throne
Warnings/Notes| Rico who's actually nice. Also maybe a ten year old trying really hard to break your arm.

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Marjara Lavellan ([personal profile] hallaifyouherd) wrote in [community profile] thelegion2017-10-23 02:14 pm
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So, ah.

[ No sign of the elf on the screen. No. Better not. Not yet, anyway.

Not until whatever is happening decides to...not, anymore. ]

It seems as though there's a number of changes taking place.

Does anyone know when they stop?
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Nova Prime / Rich Rider ([personal profile] iamresponding) wrote in [community profile] legionmissions2017-10-22 08:09 pm

Upon my liar's chair [BLARGH FHTAGN] [player plot] [part 2 and 3] [closed to signups]

Who| Rich Rider and those who signed up for Part 2 and 3
What| Stopping the squids from opening a rift to the Cancerverse and saving Rich
Where| At a derelict stargate station and the Cancerverse
When| An IC Day after "Game of Throne"
Warnings/Notes| Lovecraftian squid-monsters, body horror, attempted suicide by black hole, possible character deaths and revivals
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Nova Prime / Rich Rider ([personal profile] iamresponding) wrote in [community profile] legionworld2017-10-22 06:20 pm

I wear this crown of thorns [open] [involves Part 1 of "Blargh Fhtagn"]

Who| Rich Rider and you
What| Open post and "Blargh Fhtagn" Part 1 threads
Where| Legion World
When| An IC Day after "Game of Throne"
Warnings/Notes| Attempted murder in some threads, some zombie imagery

The nightmares are getting worse. Oh sure, he'd had them now and again since finding himself in the Legion's universe. That's no surprise, after everything he's been through. The occasional nightmare is pretty much a given. But they started to get worse after that time travel mission and he doesn't know why. They all seem to involve the Cancerverse and he doesn't know why that is, either. Everything that's going on reminds him a lot more of the Annihilation War. The swarm tactics of the Catastrophists, having to engage in an orderly withdrawal from Apokolips. So why are his dreams filled with razor teeth, and tentacles, and too many eyes?

And hatred. Crushing hatred bearing down on him like a gravimetric field, pinning him, boring under his skin and filling him up. Sometimes he wakes up in the morning and it feels like something is crawling, squirming under his skin. It's definitely not something physical; he'd gotten scanned in Medbay after returning to Legion World after getting arrested and come up clean. So that means it has to be in his head, right? But that's something he can't accept.

(Sometimes people's faces change and for just a second, they're rotting, flesh hanging, sliding off...)

The day that the Book of Magic messed up Legion World had by gone in a blur, and Rich has the vague sense that he's missing time somehow. He can't really remember what he got up to most of the day. So he starts to go about his day the day afterward and it... it feels strange.

It's the last day. And somehow he knows. He ignores it, because there's no reason to have a feeling of foreboding, so paying attention to it, treating it like his last day on Earth is stupid. Every time he even so much as thinks of telling someone else that he feels strange, that thought is silenced by some squirming thing inside him. So he just goes through his daily routine like it's some holy ritual, a last rite of normalcy, one last chance to have his last friendly conversations, smile his last smiles, and just exist as the person he is right now.
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Agent North Dakota ([personal profile] nofortunateson) wrote in [community profile] thelegion2017-10-22 07:14 pm

(no subject)

[The video in question comes on about an hour after the wave of magic that sends everything on Legion World up, down, and sideways. It also comes from North's omnicom, though the only thing in focus that resembles North is a small, glowing likeness of the man in his usual purple-and-green armor, seated on the shoulder of a young boy in a ridiculously oversized hoodie. To anyone who's had dealings in the flesh with a man who goes by the name of Church, the kid does bear a certain, aged-down sort of resemblance. He looks down at the omnicom, then at the figure on his shoulder, brows knitting.]

Is this right?

Yep. Pretty sure you're transmitting.

Ok! Um. [Focus back to the screen, and he fidgets, hesitating a second.] Hi, everyone. North and I were talking, and a lot of people are human for right now who weren't human before. And- you know, maybe it would be fun to talk about stuff that's fun to do when you're a human! As long as we're gonna be like this for a little bit.

Absolutely. Some of us aren't actually that magical, so 'lemons out of lemonade' seems like a better option than just twiddling our thumbs until the situation's fixed. [It's the best solution he has for the 'Theta keeps freaking out having such an undeniable, large, and ungainly physical component' problem, and hey. Maybe it'll help someone else out too.]

Yeah! So um. What do you like about being human? Or having a body at all, I guess.

[North makes a very deliberate throat-clearing noise. He knows about some of you.] And let's keep it to the all-ages suggestions, okay?
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(no subject)

Time for a confession, mates. I never have eaten chocolate.

[The Easter Bunny is only recognizable by his accent, thanks to all these supernatural shenanigans, and nobody has yet convinced him to wear Ray's lended flightsuit as intended. He's about as comfortable as he can get while under these wholly uncomfortable circumstances with the arms of the flightsuit knotted around his waist, because pants on a human are an understandable necessity, but shirts are just excessive, and the feeling of cloth on bare skin is merely one thing wigging Bunny out right now.

But that's not why he's set up this video feed. He crouches amidst the green of his semi-warren, a few of the chocolate eggs he'd made the previous day set up on a flat stone next to him.]

Not because I didn't want to, or because I'm some hypercritical fearmonger too spooked by joy to give having some a try.

[His stare at the camera is real pointed for a few seconds there. Maybe it is directed at someone.]

But because chocolate is actually toxic for rabbits, unlike humans, for whom is a delight enjoyed sensibly across my world in moderation.

[The pointed stare at the camera is obviously directed at someone. Otherwise why would it keep happening?]

'But Bunny,' I sense you wondering, 'If you can't eat chocolate, how have you been able to make it not only well, but better than any living mortal has ever dared to dream any single piece of candy could ever taste?' A fair question. The answer is both that I invented chocolate as candy - it's a long story, theft was involved, ask an Aztec deity if any ever show up here - and that my sense of smell is - was - so much better than a human's that I haven't needed to use taste to figure the quality of my own work, and frankly, the reviews have never once been bad.

[He smiles fondly, remembering the little glimpses he gets every year of kids unrepentently enjoying themselves, running and playing and full of joy for the one day he calls his own, enjoying the work he's poured his life into.]

Anyway, this is all to say that there is a bright side to the current madness, and it is this. [He holds up an unpainted chocolate egg.] I get to taste what all the fuss is about. America - this one's for you.

[He digs in, biting halfway through the candy and holds onto the bite, allowing himself to savor immediate flavor, texture, and all at once his casual, mischievous attitude is swiped away, staring at his remaining egg in shock.]

Holy dooley.

[A few more wordless seconds pass as he finishes the candy with quiet sounds of enjoyment. He tries to begin speaking a few times without success after it's gone, finally lifting a free hand to his face. He's actually crying, yes, crying, happy tears of joyful awe.]

I had no idea. I thought I did. I really had no -

I need a tic.

[He hastily shuts the video off so he can have his joyous revelation in private.]
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GAME OF THRONE [mod event]

[When Dipper comes on screen he's in the supernatural research room that's attached to the Labs, where various Legionnaires have holed up over time to study the Book of Magic. Ray and Valeria are in there with him, working on the book behind them.]

This is so exciting! Ohmygosh.

Okay, so for anyone that's new, a while ago we had to get the spear of Destiny - like that spear of Destiny, that poked Yahweh-know-who? - to re-imprison the Spectre. Because we were the ones that let him out in the first place to stop this giant planet-eating guy with a stupid hat called Galactus.

Anyway, that's all taken care of, the Spectre's back in his box, but when we went to find the spear we met this guy guarding it that called himself The Wizard - like the Wizard, like he was the most important one or something? - and alongside telling us where the spear was, he gave us this magic book. He promised that if we could unlock its knowledge we might be able to find something to use against Chronoblivion.

We did a lot of research and found out it was legit but it's all wrapped up in codes and spells and riddles. We managed to unlock it enough that Ray was able to use its power to banish Eclipso to the room with a moose dimension, a dimension that's just...a room with a moose. (I don't get it, either). In that fight on Apokolips.

[Dipper rolls his hands around each other to show he's trying to fast forward.]

Anyway, a bunch of us have been working on it for a while and it turns out Gohan decoded some important encryptions before he got zapped home and he never got to tell the rest of us! I was going through his old notes to see if we missed anything and we were able to use it to figure out how to unlock the last spells guarding it. We're unlocking the last of it right now!

Brainiac got help from Sorcerer's World to use those magic artifacts we got from that marriage planet and combined it with technology to shield the research room, so nobody has to worry about any eff --

[Something crackles behind him, where Valeria and Ray are working. Some of Ray's equipment starts making alarming ticking noises. Ray says, "Definitely a sharp uptick in PKE valences...we may want to duck."]

[Dipper turns, yelps, and ducks just in time to avoid magical energy that zaps through the room like lightning. A more subtle wave of magical energy sweeps past after the initial zaps, spreading out all through Legion World. Val, Ray, and Dipper are just fine but frogs start appearing and raining from the ceiling in their research room, and the book floats off the table, completely wrapped up in ethereal glowing golden chains. Other Legionnaires throughout Legion World might also find strange magical effects spreading out all over.]


Whuh oh.
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The Legion [Mods] ([personal profile] letsgolegion) wrote in [community profile] legionooc2017-10-21 02:31 pm
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GAME OF THRONE [mod event]


Study of the Book of Magic given to the team by the Wizard finally starts to bear fruit. Close to successfully interpreting it so the team can use its knowledge to find something to use in the fight against Chronoblivion, a few of the book's last defenses cause havoc on Legion World, unleashing magical effects like indoor flooding, inverted gravity (so characters have to walk on ceilings and avoid crashing furniture), characters having personal theme music play around them from nowhere, and a plague of frogs, among other things. The team must work together to break the last of the books' defenses to undo the magic effects and reveal its secrets.

The discoveries in the book will cause the team to start facing the final leg of their adventure, where they'll have to start on a quest across the galaxy and across different dimensions to find what they need to stop Chronoblivion.

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McGillis Fareed ([personal profile] mcskittles) wrote in [community profile] thelegion2017-10-21 05:37 am

☄ voice

Since we've all been getting to know each other lately, I thought I would pose a question of my own. Have you put any thought into what you'll do once you leave here?

I haven't been here very long, myself, but already, this world is quite different from my own. As far as we know, things like "superheroes" are nonexistent where I'm from. Maybe someday, it will be possible to give people the kinds of abilities that many of us here have now, but even then, I can't imagine the organization I work for taking very well to it. Even if my current responsibilities would allow for it, it would be quite difficult to manage both, to say the least.

I suppose questioning whether or not I'd continue life as a superhero is a bit too whimsical, all things considered. Perhaps a better question would be this: Do you think your experiences here have changed you? How do you think it would impact your future?

The truth is, while I'm very intrigued by this opportunity, I'm not sure what to make of it as a whole. I'm more than happy to do good for the sake of good, yet at the moment, it still feels very much like a detour in life. [Maybe it wasn't such a bad thing, to be able to take a break from one's own reality. But as someone who rarely did things without purpose, it was a foreign concept.] Ultimately, I'm curious about how you think you'll look back on your time here.

I appreciate you taking the time to indulge a rookie's thoughts.
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Agent York | Taylor Murray ([personal profile] goddamngrenades) wrote in [community profile] thelegion2017-10-21 02:31 am


[ Roughly fifteen, twenty minutes after Amercia's very helpful Anti-Sugar PSA (the more you know and all that Jazz) a random joke has become a thing. Out of...if not spite, but a desire for mischief. ]

Who's up for a bake-off? It's a mini competition where you, well, bake your best pie or cake or cookies or pastry or whatever you like, as long as baking is involved somehow, and submit them to categories of some kind to be judged and awarded prizes. Bragging rights are mostly what you get out of it, but- I figure we can have a little scientific application here. The Categories will be Baked with Artificial Sweeteners, Baked with Natural sugars- apples, cherries, letting fruit do the work and stuff- and Baked with good old fashioned sugar.

And a bonus category for baking while baked something that'll get you baked, if you get my meaning. Apparently it's entirely legal in some sectors in the vegan space future- or at least variations on the same. Who knew? Let's double dip in vices.

Totally not connected to the whole 'sugar is evil' thing, nope, not even a little. This is some good, clean, spite free fun. Honest. Is this the voice of a man that would lie to you?

Bring on your baked goods and, uh- I'm gonna need some volunteers to help as judges. Actual Judge experience not required.
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Agent North Dakota ([personal profile] nofortunateson) wrote in [community profile] legionworld2017-10-21 01:57 am
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Who| Agent North
What| Canon update
Where| Legion world
When| Just after the Game of Throne event
Warnings/Notes| Canon update to the end of the line for North, so warnings for death, violence, general bad vibes. Oh yeah, and Theta's gone.

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Jamison "Junkrat" Fawkes ([personal profile] muroieda) wrote in [community profile] thelegion2017-10-19 10:55 pm
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[The backdrop of this video is...unfamiliar. It's not part of Legion World, nor is it part of the scavenge-built garage he usually broadcasts from.]


I hate long good-byes [Truth is, he's probably never had a long one in his life, but still...] so I'll get straight ta the point: we're makin' a break fer it.

Long story short, we bought--yes, bought, down payment and loan and interest-paid and all, don't say I never changed my ways--so that we can take this whole crime-fightin' justice-servin' dealio ta freelancin'. Nothin' personal, mates, just tired of sittin' still waitin' fer someone ta send us home. We'll call it, uh...schedule conflicts. Yeah.

So, if any of ya have any unfinished business with either myself, Blue Falcon, or Roadhog--speak now or forever hold yer peace, 'cause once we leave we ain't lookin' back.

Been a blast workin' with you all. [A giggle.] Oo-roo!
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America Beeny ([personal profile] thedreamisdead) wrote in [community profile] thelegion2017-10-19 10:26 pm

(no subject)

[There's no getting around it. It's an essay. About the dangers of sugar abuse on your health, linked to several medical articles. In it, she links the abuse of sugar to depression, diabetes, dopamine imbalances, fueling cancer cells and making tumors more aggressive, impotence, increased risk of heart attacks and heart disease, increased inflammation leading to joint pain and arthritis, increased risk of strokes, kidney failure, and rotting teeth.

Included in her essay is a list of signs of sugar abuse, including false teeth, rotten teeth, pupil dilation, jitteriness, mid-afternoon 'crashes', and other symptoms.

She wraps up with a plea for people to seek help and rehabilitation for their addictions and avoid anyone who might try to push such addictive substances on them.
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[closed] Weird Science

Who| Val & the Brainiacs
Where| Brainy's lab
When| post-plots
Warnings/Notes| nah, will edit if that changes

The test chamber lights up, momentarily as dazzling as the sun, and the unmistakable BZORCH! of heavy-duty comic book science echoes through the room, followed shortly thereafter by the scent of ozone. Val lifts her dark goggles to inspect the holographic readouts filling the air around her as the new data start to scroll across them, numbers and diagrams as thick and incomprehensible as the script in a magical grimoire.

"We are really gonna have to nail down where that stray antimatter is coming from before we scale this up." Far be it from Val to object to blowing up an evil planet--it's a nicely thorough solution, if you ask her--but the entire mass of Apokalips spontaneously converting itself to energy would cause as big a problem as it solved. "Still, even if this winds up being a dead end, it might be worth weaponizing."

If she realizes it's unsettling for a small child to be planning war tactics, it doesn't show.
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Nova Prime / Rich Rider ([personal profile] iamresponding) wrote in [community profile] legionooc2017-10-19 04:50 pm

BLARGH FHTAGN [player plot/signups]


Rich Rider's last memory of home is of sacrificing himself to get his friends Starlord and Drax the Destroyer out of the hell dimension known as the Cancerverse, but unknown to Rich, he was revived due the Cancerverse's property of not allowing death. He faced timeless years dying and being revived in a dimension where death itself is dead. When the Time Trapper brought him to the game universe, he locked Rich's memories of the experience, removed the AI that was living in his head and left it behind, sealed the seed of Lovecraftian evil the nightmare beings of the Cancerverse had planted inside him, and took away his arm (since the last thing Rich remembered was losing it.)

Due to a chaos spell that caused a power overload in a past plot, those blocked memories and the Many-Angled ones inside Rich are escaping through the damaged seal. Now his body isn't his own and horrible monsters live under his skin, occasionally puppeting him when needed, manipulating his memories, speaking to others through him, and causing him to enact their bidding without remembering he's done it.

Their plan? To open a gate to the Cancerverse so that it can invade the Legion's universe. Then after the Legion's universe is taken, they'll poison Chronoblivion by infesting Its body with themselves, and use Its twisted form to invade every universe ever. Where Chronoblivion seeks to end all that exists, the Many-Angled ones plan for life to overrun the universe like an ever-growing cancer, turning the multiverse into a place of constant agony, where people won't even have the respite of death.

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Widowmaker ([personal profile] araignee_du_soir) wrote in [community profile] legionworld2017-10-17 08:39 pm


Who| Widowmaker and you! [will match format]
What| Since coming back from infiltrating the Catastrophists, something is visibly wrong with the reclusive spider.
Where| Training Area, Habitat Deck, around Legion World
When| After Ninth Gate
Warnings/Notes| references to nihilism, suicide, and murder (damn Catastrophists), potential for violence, possible talk of brainwashing and torture

Seeing a spider isn't a problem. It becomes a problem when it disappears. )
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Sean "Dark Smoke Puncher" McNinja ([personal profile] sickhacks) wrote in [community profile] thelegion2017-10-17 09:39 pm


Yo yo, check it!

[The vid opens up with a shot of what appears to be a young teen in a black full-ninja mask. Except he's wearing a red baseball cap. Backwards. And a gold chain around his neck.]

[Don't look nervous. Don't look nervous. He sketches a quick bow to the camera.]

My name's Dark Smoke Puncher, and it's a mad pleasure to make your acquaintance. Just got checked out by the docs a while ago and took the Legion oath, picked up my equipment, and I gotta say it's tight.

[He still can't believe this is real. And even with the revelation of the whole 'the universe is danger' thing, it's a welcome distraction from the damper on things back home. He'd be vibrating in his seat with excitement if he weren't trying to play it cool. These are superheroes he's talking to.]

[So instead, he crosses his arms in front of his chest and throws up a devil horn gesture, showing off his flight ring to the camera. It's placed over his glove, because of course it is. It's very shiny and gold against his outfit.]

From what I've heard, this Chronoblivion sucka's no joke. But I've got some nasty ninja skills of my own to bring to the table, and I'm - pretty good with robots too.

[He coughs.]

So yeah. See me around. Or don't. Because I'm a ninja.