orbislife: screenshot of Zenyatta's peace sign victory pose (Peace be upon you)
Tekhartha Zenyatta ([personal profile] orbislife) wrote2016-08-28 01:03 pm

How's My Meditation?

Player Name: Avie
Player Contact: [plurk.com profile] aviekokyre, [personal profile] aviekokyre, Gmail: aviekokyre, Discord: aviekokyre#3411
Character Name: Tekhartha Zenyatta
Canon: Overwatch
Info Link: Info

Hello, Avie here. I want people to enjoy interacting with Zenyatta, so please let me know how things are going. Let's play in harmony instead of discord.

Also, if you have any questions, plot ideas, or just want to say hi, that is perfectly okay too. PM, Plurk, or email will reach me quickest. I should see when I get a Discord message, however.

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