World's Okayest Dad | Video

Sep. 21st, 2017 09:53 pm
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[Tucker looked...well, it was hard to tell because his helmet's on, but there was something annoyed in his movements. Behind him was a room that seemed mostly barren and militaristic aside from the tossed about mess, a room that might seem familiar to his Chorus friends really, and the camera shook a little as he plucked something off a wall. It was turned over in his hand before he pointed it at the camera. A photograph, one with five human kids holding basketballs, and one that's...a little different.]

Since someone brought it up and now we're talking about it, yeah, I've got a kid. His name is Junior and he's amazing and I'm super freakin' proud of him. He can kick anyone's ass in basketball, is a freaking diplomat and on a scholarship, he knows at least ten different words for "dick", and he hasn't bitten a person in at least three months. He got a ribbon at school for that one.

[He pulled the picture back and put it on the wall again; there was one in his wallet, too. He was, in some few and far between ways, like every other dad out there, just with better jokes.]

He's the best goddamn thing about being a Chosen One. [There was a momentary pause, because--]...Okay, so maybe he's tied with the sword.

Don't ask specifics. Just know that childbirth sucks, I don't want to talk about that, but I'll tell you how damn amazing my son is if you want to listen. And I know I'm not the only one with weird families, so come on and spill it.
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[ The post drifts up onto the comms one evening, just a simple line of text to ask a simple question:]

guys, how do aliens know when other aliens are hot?

before the plots | video

Sep. 21st, 2017 09:54 am
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[ Hey guys, you like disgruntled teenagers? Because here's one right now! Sitting in the med-bay, wearing a hospital gown, and looking equal parts frustrated and confused. ]

So uh.

I feel like I've done this before.

[ A pause, as he glances to the side in thought. Before finally: ]

Am I stuck in a time loop? Because if I am, and no one else has caught it yet, I'm calling supervillain shenanigans.

pump up the volume | video

Sep. 21st, 2017 08:08 am
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[ So it's an introduction announcement on the network. Those aren't new. What might be is the fact that the face taking up the screen is in focus, but everything behind him appears to be whizzing past at remarkable speed.

Is he...skating? And where is that music coming from? ]

Hey, what's up people? This is Lúcio. Just arrived yesterday, and man!

[ He cranes his neck around in emphasis, grinning widely. Someone's staring expression blurs past, blink and you'd miss it, as he twists around. Now apparently skating backwards to get a full 360 view. ]

This place really is massive. Bigger than a lot of cities back home, and I saw a lot of them while I was on tour.

Anyway. New to the Legion, but not new to the fight. Hit me up if you wanna practice in the gym, hang out, or grab a pick-up game. Can't help but feel I'm getting a little rusty on these things.

[ Flipping back around, he weaves to the side to avoid knocking into to someone, before beaming at the camera and giving a little wave. ]

See ya!

THE NINTH GATE - [modplot/signups]

Sep. 18th, 2017 11:15 pm
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Several Legionnaires go undercover to infiltrate the Catastrophists, in an attempt to find out more of their plans, and see if their recent uptick in activity has ties to Chronoblivion. In the course of the mission, they'll have a chance to stop a potential terrorist attack meant to distract the Science Police away from Apokolips. If the Legionnaires succeed, the attack will be averted and they may find out vital information about the Catastrophist and Chronoblivion. If they fail, hundreds could die. Set during "Total Eclipso The Heart" and "The Gone-Away World."

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THE GONE-AWAY WORLD [modplot/signups]

Sep. 18th, 2017 11:11 pm
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While on the run, criminals discover a world where they can create anything by willing it into existence! They cannot directly affect people, nor can anything they create be taken off-world, but while they're there, they can live like kings. Will the Legion be able to combat crime on a world where everyone's wills define reality? Set during "The Ninth Gate" and "Total Eclipso The Heart."

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After enlisting the aid of a suicide cult, The Catastrophists, who want the multiverse to end, one of the last free heralds of Chronoblivion plans to awaken an ancient evil. The Legion has seen what the wrath of the Spectre can do, but the Spectre wasn't the only angel God sent to Earth to enact his will. Before the Spectre, he sent his Angel of Wrath to earth to punish the wicked and clean the world of vice and iniquity. After rebelling against God, this angel turned into a dark spirit and renamed itself Eclipso. Capable of possessing people like the Spectre, and capable of bringing out the inner evil inside people's souls, the team will have only one chance to prevent another avatar of God's wrath from getting free like the Spectre did. Because of Eclipso's corrosive influence, some Legionnaires may find themselves facing off against their corrupted teammates. Set during "The Gone-Away World" and "The Ninth Gate."

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yay now is fighty time [video]

Sep. 16th, 2017 08:46 pm
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[He almost doesn't want to make the stupid video but he knows that, as much as he wants to, he can't just hide away until the next mission, ninja in, and start doing...whatever. Hero stuff. Whatever it is that heroes do.]

[God, he's done it this time, hasn't he? Gotten into yet more hero crap, and he doesn't even know these assholes. At least back home, he and the other Remedial kids are friends now. Sure, he's hoping to eventually use them in his whole quest for vengeance, but at this point, they'd probably help out with that willingly.]

[Now he's got to make nicey nice with a bunch of strangers, when it was already hard enough to do it the first time. And apparently he's not allowed to kill anybody if he joins up with their outfit. The only way to really face this threat to all their worlds is with this stupid team, and that means he's got to follow their stupid rules.]

[So it's a very cranky ninja that appears on screen. His face is cowled; the small bit of skin that's visible is a bright blue. Two pointy white horns jut out from the sides of his forehead, and his eyes glow with a menacing orange glow. Even though his face is cowled, the way his eyes are crinkled up make it clear he's scowling under there.]

[When he speaks, his voice is low and raspy. He sounds like the teenage boy he is, but definitely the kind of teenage boy that smokes six packs a day. Also the Joisey accent is pretty unmistakable.]

'Sup, losers. My name's Kyou Tanaka. I've been told there's some kind of cosmic whatever we've gotta stab repeatedly in the face.

Which is a good thing because apparently the morons in charge of this outfit won't let us stab anything else in the face.

So you're going to not be seeing me hanging around a lot. I say "not" on account of, y'know, ninja. But on the off chance you ever do see me, like when I move in for the ki - uh, punching, for the punching - don't shoot me or blow me up with butt lasers or anything. I can heal from it, but seeing as most of you can't heal when I inevitably throw a shuriken in your eye on sheer reflex, you should probably save us both the trouble.

[He pauses. Shit, what else is he supposed to say?]

I guess I'm supposed to tell you my "superhero" name. [Quotey fingers. He only has four fingers on each hand.] It's Murderizer McKillinstuff.

[Another pause.]

Just because I'm following your stupid no-killing rules doesn't mean I have to like it.

Legionnaire Legacies: Fareeha Amari

Sep. 16th, 2017 06:46 pm
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Shellee: Hello, fans of justice and righteous fury! I'm Shellee Star!

Tammee:: And I'm Tammee Tim!

Together: Welcome to another Legionnaire Legacy!

Shellee: Tonight we delve into the past of the daugher of Overwatch itself - Blue Falcon!

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(no subject)

Sep. 14th, 2017 10:30 pm
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What| Doin' stuff.
Where| Legion World
When| Post plots.
Warnings/Notes| Shouldn't be any.

He's not a Legionnaire. Not yet. Not through lack of trying, however. More because of the simple reason that he's not been medically cleared for duty. The doctor working on him, not Gym'll but an assistant, insists that he must have some superpower if he's come in with everyone else. Apparently no one had ever come through as a normal human.

Eventually, he'd just gotten tired of it and walked out when he heard the alarms go off. It'd seemed like everyone was rather busy and he'd been stuck in the medical area for nearly a month while people argued about what to do with him. It had been a mess, but he slipped back aboard without much of an issue, other than some light burns, and decided that he'd rather stroll around a bit before finally reporting back to Medical.

Unfortunately for him, this means Medical is in full lock-down mode, total panic as they try to locate the puzzle, the man who broke the rules by arriving with no powers who'd vanished in the emergency. Meanwhile, he's taking in the sights. Taking care of some errands. Stretching his legs.

The Athramites )

The Gym )

The Escaped Prisoners )

Legionnaire Legacies: Garrus Vakarian

Sep. 13th, 2017 02:13 pm
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[The Legion World staff maintains a feed of all Legion-related media so Legionnaires can be kept abreast of any reporting that's done on them. Two women appear on the screen, sitting at a desk, their appearances altered by glam filters so that one is all pink hair and skin and sparkles, and the other is all in blues. They look pretty flashy and tacky but this is the future. Reporters don't exist anymore; they're "personalities" now.]

Shellee: I'm Shellee Star! [That would be the pink one.]

Tammee: And I'm Tammee Tim! [That would be the blue one.]

Shellee: And this is another investigative episode of Legion Watch: Legionnaire Legacies! Today, we're taking a closer look at one of the newest Legionnaires.

Tammee: That's right, Shellee. This scarred sharpshooter is driven by a strong need to see justice done - to see the good guys get ahead and the bad guys behind bars. It's a noble goal, but as we all know, good intentions only get you so far.

Shellee: Too true, Tammee. Our subject started off with the best of intentions, but it led him to some dark places. Every time he saw a criminal escape prosecution thanks to powerful friends or a legal loophole, it chipped away at his faith in the rule of law. Eventually, he decided to throw those rules out all together.

Tammee: And while everyone loves a bad boy, some might say that he took things too far when he took the law into his own hands - and paid for it when it all fell apart around him.

Shellee: Tonight's story is one of redemption - a good man making bad choices, and being brought back after losing everything. Let's get to know the Legion's resident loose cannon cop: Archangel!

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(no subject)

Sep. 12th, 2017 11:39 pm
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[There is a nerdy looking teenager on the Omnicomm, clad in a slightly more advanced version of the Spider-Man suit than many who knew any of his counterparts would be familiar with.] Sorry, Never really had to introduce myself to a 31st-century superhero team. I guess I should just jump right in? I'm Peter. Peter Parker. And it case It wasn't obvious, I'm also Spider-Man. Powers are being able to do whatever a spider can. Well, mostly. The webbing isn't biological, it's actually a shear-thinning adhesive I made which is...not really something I need to talk about right now.

I've been doing this for a while, already, although not really anywhere near this kind of scale. Mostly just normal crime. Biggest thing I've ever had to deal with by myself was fighting a guy with wings on the outside of a cargo plane. That was flying. And also invisible. Which was kind of completely terrifying, but not thing eating everything that will ever exist terrifying.

Also, I should add one more thing just so people don't think I'm talking to myself like a crazy person. Or crazier person, anyways. Apparently, she thinks she can patch into the omnicomm to take it from here, so I'll let her do that.

Hello there. My name is Karen. I'm an AI developed by Tony Stark to assist Peter in his work as Spider-Man and help him control the various functions of his suit. It's nice to meet you.

Anyways, that's me, I guess. What about you guys? Who am I teaming up with?


Sep. 12th, 2017 02:17 pm
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This is the periodic Gamewide HMD meme!

The Gamewide HMD is optional. If you opt out of participating in the gamewide hmd, please at least have an hmd up in your journal.

This is not a love meme but it is okay to tell a player they're doing well. Please also keep this constructive and let them know what it is you like so they know to keep doing it.

If you ask for crit please also give some to other players. While we can't enforce this because some of it will be anon, the mod team would like to ask players to please try to give at least (3) other players crit.

Please keep crit polite and constructive.

Please escalate severe or repeat issues to the mods, if appropriate. If repeated attempts at constructive crit don't bear any fruit, there are rules for the many possible causes of this: bad player behavior, ICA=ICC, IC /=OOC, characters having to be IC, etc. If frustrating problems consistently happen without any improvement, it is possible they're verging on a rule break, so if that is the case, rather than letting things devolve into hostility, please escalate things and contact the mods to see what steps can be taken next.

Talking to the Old Guard

Sep. 11th, 2017 12:08 am
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Who| Various NPCs and YOU
What| A general post for threading with NPCs
Where| Around Legion World
When| Anytime during the September-October Activity Period, please indicate timing in subject or by linking the instigating incident
Warnings/Notes| TBA


Sep. 10th, 2017 09:51 pm
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Is the anon meme always this ... [He trails off, swirling the half-empty highball of something alcoholic in his hand as he searches for the right word. He settles on:] Colorful?

[He chuckles, scrolling down the page. Facially, he's not the easiest guy to read, but everything here just screams amusement.]
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Who| Robbie and Vance
What| Vance has a few things to say to Robbie
Where| Basement of Mount Wundagore in the Habitat Area
When| After Vance comes back from bailing Rich out
Warnings/Notes| Possible mentions of depression, self harm. abuse, child deaths. Will update as necessary

Some forever not for better/Some are gone and some remain )


Sep. 10th, 2017 12:30 am
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Everything must be from an IC in-world perspective. The meme is specifically a Legion fandom meme. UP citizens, Legion World Staff, and Legionnaires all have access to the meme. While this meme is in the meme comm, it is real in the game universe and all the Legionnaires and the public can see it ICly. Rather than other ic anon memes where characters post starters to the meme, this meme operates like real world memes like rpanons.
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Legion Watch | 005 [video]

Sep. 10th, 2017 12:22 am
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[cw: While there is mention of child abuse, it's in regards to charges pressed, nothing graphic is shown.]

[The Legion World staff maintains a feed of all Legion-related media so Legionnaires can be kept abreast of any reporting that's done on them. Two women appear on the screen, sitting at a desk, their appearances altered by glam filters so that one is all pink hair and skin and sparkles, and the other is all in blues. They look pretty flashy and tacky but this is the future. Reporters don't exist anymore; they're "personalities" now. More serious news outlets have already reported on the Brainiacs; this is one of the fluffier retrospective programs that have aired.]

Shellee: I'm Shellee Star! [That would be the pink one.]

Tammee: And I'm Tammee Tim! [That would be the blue one.]

Together: And this is Legion Watch! [They say it in unison in the perkiest voices possible and a stylized graphic of the words "Legion Watch" appear at the bottom of the screen. Occasional clickable sidelinks pop up as the news show goes on.]
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Who| Widowmaker and Sombra
What| Talon being Talon with a side of evil bonding
Where| beach house
When| Right after 'Resistance is Futile'
Warnings/Notes| talk of death and glorification of murder, insane plans, handsiness and possibly more (will edit if necessary)

...they are never more alive. )
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[When Kid Q shows on screen, her costume is singed, she's got a few bandaged burns, and she's got a very rakish eyepatch (which will fortunately be temporary). Beyond looking about as dinged up as they all are, she's beaming. And yet exhausted.]

[That doesn't mean she's got a whole motivational speech prepared like usual.]

I'm gonna try to make this as motivational as usual, but seeing as I only slept 3 hours over the past three days, I make no promises. [She gestures "no" dramatically with her arm.]
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