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Player Name: Avie
Plurk Handle: [plurk.com profile] aviekokyre
Player Status: New Player
Other characters: n/a

Character Name: Tekhartha Zenyatta
Fandom: Overwatch
Character Journal: [personal profile] orbislife
OU, AU, or OC? Original universe
If canon, canon point: Post "Alive" short, post "Dragons" short, pre-Doomfist's escape from prison
PB: n/a
Superhero Name: no hero name or perhaps a suggested name from someone in game

Setting Background: OU character.

History: History, Biography


At first glance, Zenyatta appears as the robotic version of a wisened monk who lives atop a mountain at peace with everyone and everything. He has numerous words of wisdom to offer. His feet don't touch the ground. He has spiritual powers at his fingertips. His name even has "zen" in it.

However, that is only a part of Zenyatta. Zenyatta has his own ideas on how to mend the rift between humans and omnics. Interpersonal relations are the way to do it, and he leaves the Shambali Monastery (not on the best of terms his voice lines suggest) to follow his own path.

He doesn't talk and preach; that's what Mondatta does (did). Zenyatta wants to relate to people one on one, be the change instead of only talking about equality. He motivates individuals, cheers on their accomplishments, but he also allows them to learn from their own mistakes. Their triumphs are their own; he merely gives them a little help. (He couldn't be more proud of Genji and all of his growth.) Zenyatta can also be very stubborn and persistent if he sees someone needing help but rejecting it. (Also see Genji.) It has gotten him into trouble before.

He is curious, open to learning and seeing new things. Fascinated in Oasis, he wonders if science alone can bring enlightenment. He wants to see the sights of Genji's hometown. Zenyatta has a youthful feel to him seen when giving himself a fistbump, mimicking sticking out his tongue in a taunt, and joking around. Defeating certain characters provides veiled taunts within advice, helpful but not purely for the sake of it.

While violence is something he'd like to avoid, Zenyatta is not afraid to fight. The line that Genji says in his Heroes of the Storm video, "Balance and harmony are not easily obtained. They must be fought for," sounds straight out of Zenyatta's philosophy. The life Zenyatta lives isn't easy. He's marked with scrapes and oxidation all over his body. His clothes are in tatters; his Shambali robe can barely serve as a lap blanket now. He has figured out how to use his mala to protect others by using is as a weapon. Omnics are still treated poorly, and more than likely, the wear and tear on his body are the result of omnic racism rather than the toils of travel.

And despite his tranquil nature, he still has doubts and fears. He wonders if the Shambali would welcomed him back. His call outs for snipers are much more emotional than when he does call outs for turrets. He grieves for and misses Mondatta. Zenyatta's harmony outshines his discord, but it is there. He acknowledges that discord internally, but he puts others' state of mind first. He focuses on them instead of himself.

Canon Powers:

Omnic Energy: General

As an omnic who studied under the Shambali, Zenyatta can channel and focus omnic energy. Canon is unclear what exactly "omnic energy" is, but the artbook says that Zenyatta's orbs are hand carved at the Shambali Monastery as a means to channel that omnic energy in peaceful or destructive ways. Channeling that energy allows for practical and spiritual applications. He uses that energy to levitate his mala and himself. The sounds and omnic characters he projects while meditating are likely from this as well.

Beyond movement, Zenyatta channels this energy and taps into the Iris, an entity that can be thought of as a spiritual force, place, and possibly being. Canon has yet to elaborate, but Zenyatta would likely give a series of analogies as to what the Iris is anyways. It gives him an empathetic sense of harmony and discord around him; he feels the Iris strongest at the Shambali Monastery in Nepal.

Orbs of Destruction

Zenyatta fires off spheres of destructive energy as an attack. He can throw his orbs too because there is artwork showing him throwing the orbs or making other objects hover. (Zenyatta is the best at snowball fights.) In between volleys of orbs, Zenyatta will need to "recharge" his orbs by focusing and channeling more energy into them.

Orb of Harmony

The Orb of Harmony is a golden ball of energy that can heal a single person over time. It cannot quickly heal in a short burst, and the bearer must stay within sight and distance of Zenyatta. Breaking that proximity will cause Zenyatta's focus to falter and the orb to dissipate after a few seconds. There is some mental, emotional connection between Zenyatta and the target during this time. He "walks as one" with them, and warm, calming feelings are felt by the target. The Orb of Harmony can only attach to sentient beings. For example, Zenyatta can heal humans, animals, and robots, but he cannot heal an automated turret as it is not sentient.

Orb of Discord

Harmony and discord are two parts of the same whole, so Zenyatta also has an Orb of Discord. It is a ball of dark purple energy and has the same limitations of sight, distance, and attachment as his Orb of Harmony. He needs to be able to see the target within a certain distance or else the orb will vanish after a few seconds. He can only use the orb on sentient beings. Unlike the Orb of Harmony, the Orb of Discord causes the target to take more damage instead of healing. Doubt, fear, and other negative feelings are felt by those under the Orb of Discord's influence, and Zenyatta has an emotional connection and awareness of this as well.


The most impressive and difficult channeling of omnic energy is when Zenyatta transcends into a heightened state of existence, passing into the Iris. He sprouts six golden arms, and golden light pours from him. Those close by are rapidly healed for a short period of time like a supercharged Orb of Harmony without the one person limitation. During this time, Zenyatta cannot use any of his orbs as his focus is mostly filled with the Iris and the tranquility and healing it provides. He is invulnerable to injury during this time, though he can be pushed aside by an outside force.

Game powers:

1 power: Omnic Energy Channeling

In the game, Zenyatta will have powers much like he does in his own world since they are interrelated. The Iris will be distant to him. (Blame it on being far from his world, the interference of other cosmic forces, tin foil hats, etc.) Therefore, he cannot heavily depend on the Iris strengthen him like usual.

If Zenyatta transcends, it will come with risks post Transcendance. He can still heal others nearby, but he will have exhausted a lot of his energy (which the Iris would normally help with) and won't be able to use his powers as much until he is recharged. It's a last resort--the lives of others before his own--kind of thing.

If these powers need to be nerfed further, I have ideas on how to do that. He can limited by his own energy and power source. His powers will put a drain on his energy levels which will require him to recharge regularly and more often. Zenyatta also risks running out of power from overuse, leaving him in a low battery stasis akin to a human being unconscious. When this occurs, he will need outside help to bring him to a place to recharge. If he falls unconscious, someone please pick up his orbs. There are nine of them. ;;( ´ ︹ ` );;

  • diplomacy: better one on one (on a personal level) than in large groups
  • language acquisition: able to learn quickly/download language packs
  • reading QR codes: related to the Omnic language
  • awesome harmony/discord dancing
  • strange inability to juggle


This path is not so different than the path Zenyatta walks back home. He wishes to experience and see new things. He wants to help those in need. Being in this new environment with many different races working together may enlighten him to new ways of spreading harmony to those he comes across. It is a huge learning and growth opportunity.

While preferring peaceful solutions first, Zenyatta will fight when needed, and he does not wish to cause more harm than necessary. Killing is something he wants to avoid. If there is any issue Zenyatta may have with joining it will be following authority completely. He will side with his own beliefs over orders that go against them. That isn't to say that he cannot work as a subordinate and listen to orders, but he will follow his heart. While a rather tame version of the word, Zenyatta is like the rebel of the Shambali.

As for what I hope to do with him in the long term is for him to make friends and not just be the mentor and healer for others. (He will be that; it's his nature.) For all of his caring for others, he's not used to being on the receiving end. Someone needs to call him out on his own discord, his doubts and fears.


Prose Sample:

Test drive threads

Network Sample:

[ Zenyatta's recording starts with a thoughtful hum. A recording to his future self, what an interesting idea. He could store this kind of message in his own memory, but he will record something to exist outside of himself and try to "forget" having recorded this. It would allow him to feel surprised when he views the recording again. ]

Greetings, Zenyatta. I trust you are doing well... or should I say that I trust I am doing well? Should I consider the me of the future to be different or the same person? Once I conclude my time as a Legionnaire, I will have changed. To live is to grow and change.

[ He chuckles and claps his hands before him. ]

I hope you have met many people from many walks of life. I did not think my path would send me to meet others from different worlds. However, here I am. I welcome the opportunity as did you. The challenges you have overcome have strengthened your spirit. They will strengthen mine. I have no reservations. It will not be easy, but I will not be alone either.

When you return to your world, I suggest a long meditation in the Iris' warmth will bring you back into balance for our world. Share the experiences you have gained to those you meet because I doubt you will stay in one place for long. There is still the rest of the world to see, and the rift between human and omnic will still need to be mended.

Additional info:

I would like Zenyatta to bring his nine orbs with him. They are his main method of fighting, and Zenyatta would just not be the same without his mala floating around him.